Monday, October 1, 2012
MPMG Teams Up With Netminds

The MPMG team strikes again announcing their strategic partnership with Net Minds for the Apocalyptic Zombie Thriller, "100 Days of Death".

Moving Pictures Media Group announces strategic partnership with Net Minds to publish Zombie Thriller "100 Days of Death"

(Hollywood, CA) – The independent production company, Moving Pictures Media Group (MPMG) ( has announced their strategic partnership with digital publishing startup Net Minds ( MPMG, which specializes in packaging and producing independent features, is currently developing a slate of 6 films that includes apocalyptic zombie thriller "100 Days of Death" based on the novel of the same title by author Ray Ellingsen. The novel is set to be published through Net Minds early 2013.

"It's going to be a thrill working with Ray Ellingsen on his zombie adventure "100 Days of Death" says Net Minds CEO Tim Sanders."It's eerie how plausible the book's premise is and how realistic the characters are. Makes me wonder if it's a novel or a documentary produced in the future."

The announcement of the partnership kicks off the "100 Days of Death" franchise which will start with the publication of the first novel, followed by the remaining books of the trilogy, a graphic novel, a video game and the "100 Days of Death" feature film. The feature film, which is currently in pre production with MPMG, is slated to start production in 2013. Moving Pictures Media Group will work with Net Minds to create a digital platform for the 100 Days of Death Novel and launch a social media campaign to build a following. The two companies will utilize a myriad of digital distribution options that will make all facets of the "100 Days of Death" franchise available to audiences in this age of digital delivery.

"We feel Net Minds is the perfect partner for us as we move forward with '100 Days of Death' " says Jean-Luc Martin, producer and partner at MPMG. "They are on the forefront of digital distribution and understand the creative thinking it takes to reach a targeted audience that relies on digital devices to access entertainment. We can not wait to share with the public the exciting story of '100 Days of Death', created by Ray Ellingsen. We're dedicated to constructing a franchise that will enthrall our viewers, and now with Net Minds on board, we are sure to reach audiences through unique and accessible avenues of distribution."

To see the book trailer for "100 Days of Death"

Click Here

With the partnership of Moving Pictures Media Group and Net Minds, the new zombie thriller "100 Days of Death" is sure to not only entertain, but will be accessible to the public through digital outlets created by both companies as they develop the thrilling "apocalyptic" franchise.


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